First phone call

As I answered the landline, I was expecting another thoughtful member of my family or friends checking I was ok. However as I answered the phone, I heard crying on the other end and I knew it was Harry. This was a 3 days after the sentencing and by now he had seen me in court, had received my letter telling him that I believed him and that I would never stop loving him and he had received the money I had sent into him so now he had money on a phone card so he could ring me.

The phone call was 10 minutes, as the phone call is automatically cut off at the 10 minute limit. I think we were actually only talking for about 1 minute because we couldn't stop crying long enough to breath to be able to talk to each other. The relief that I still loved him and that I wasn't going to leave him, was evident in his voice.

We both managed to remind each other how much we loved each other and we both explained how shocked we were on the day he was convicted. After the phone call I was annoyed that I hadn't told him again and again, how much I loved him and that I still believed he was innocent. I also hadn't thanked him for blowing me a kiss at the sentencing. I was so annoyed, I had so much I wanted to tell him and I had no idea when I might speak to him again.

As the line went dead, the pain hit me again and I lay on the lounge floor sobbing uncontrollably, I honestly can not remember how long I was there for but as I thought I was going to be sick, I knew I had to start taking deep breaths to slow down my breathing. The intensity of emotions I was dealing with, I had never experienced before.

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