Animals are treated better

It is widely reported that caged animals who lack mental stimulation suffer from abnormal behaviour and symptoms of compromised mental health. The authors of these studies would have a field day in prisons today. I honestly believe if a dog was locked in a cage as long as a prisoner is locked in their cell, the RSPCA would prosecute for cruelty.

The routine at the cat.C prison was published on Inside Times from December 2014 as in the picture. When I read this I was relieved that Harry would not continue to be locked up for an average 22 hours a day.

My relief was short lived, Harry is still locked up 20-22 hours a day. Even on Saturdays and Sundays, they are alternatively let out from their cell mornings or afternoons. Harry has spoken to other inmates who say they have not been let out for more than 3 hours a day for months. The only way that inmates can get out of their cells for more than 2-3 hours a day is to attend a course or have a job and these are not easy to come by. Harry has put his name down for everything he can, just to get out of the cell.

Please note that Harry also eats all 3 meals in the cell every day. The image we all see on television of large canteen rooms with long wooden table with inmates eating and talking together over dinner is not correct. Breakfast is given to inmates the night before when they collect their evening meal, lunch and evening meals are collected by the inmate but they have to go back to their cells to eat.

Harry has been told that prisons are fined for not allowing a prisoner out of their cell for a required amount of time per day, however it is cheaper for the prison to pay these fines rather than employ more officers to allower prisons more time out of their cell.

I am ashamed that our prison service think that locking them up all day is humane and productive for any inmate that needs rehabilitation.

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