Harry was always old fashioned and it was a 'mans' job to fix things around the house. I frequently tried to get him to teach me how to use some of his tools but he would always say they were too dangerous and he would do it. As I sat in my car on the drive and watched the drain downpipe dripping I wished I had pushed him harder for the lessons.

Since Harry had been gone, I had got stuck into lots of jobs which previously he had done, my hip and shoulders still sore from the attempts. However, as I watched the drip drip from the pipe, I knew this wasn't going to be in my skillset! I wasn't going to let it beat me though so I took the drainpipe off the wall and started to have a look at it. The sections which looked like they were should come apart, were well and truly glued together, so I put the whole length of drainpipe in my car and totted off to B&Q.

As I walked in with the full section of drainpipe, it was very obvious I was a woman in need of help, probably in more ways than one! A lovely man came over and offered to help. I explained my issue and he took me to another member of staff aptly named Pete the Plumber. Pete agreed that someone had glued the section in but they didn't sell that downpipe anymore so I either had to remove the glued bit or completely replace the downpipe. Knowing complete replacement was a step too far, I opted for the lesson on how to remove the glue section without breaking the plastic. 45 minutes later and 2,000 steps recorded from walking me to different sections of B&Q for all the necessary items, we ended up at the wall with all the saws. I thought I recognised a lot of these saws and said to the man "oh I know what these are and my husband has lots of these in the shed so I won't need to buy these", he then replied "can't you just get your husband to help you", I then broke down in tears. Whilst I tried to stop and concentrate back on the lesson in hand, I couldn't control myself. I couldn't leave the store as my arms were full of clear sealant and sections of downpipe, adding theft to the worries was not an option, as I stood in the middle of the store I couldn't stop crying. Pete the plumber, didn't know where to put himself and ended up going to fetch me a cup of coffee. Needless to say this was a long trip to B&Q but thank you to Pete the Plumber for being so kind and patient.

The drain got fixed and I was very proud as I followed Pete's instructions to the letter. I hadn't appreciated as I set off to B&Q what a traumatic day it was going to be. I sent photographs to Harry of my efforts and of his tools to prove I hadn't broken any of them and the next time he rung me after he had received them, I heard him laughing on the other end of the phone. I obviously needed another lesson on different types of saws, as he laughed at how hard I must have found it using his tree saws. Oh well, it was lovely to hear him laugh, even if at my expense.

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