Guardian Angel

People say to you in times of adversity, you will realise who your friends are and this is absolutely true and to all of them I say thank you from the bottom of my heart. However, the meeting of a complete stranger had a profound effect on me and I will never forget what one stranger has done for me.

Following an internet search of falsely accused support websites, a friend gave me the phone number for a lady and he told me to ring her because she has agreed to help. To be honest, I didn't ring it immediately because I didn't want to talk to a complete stranger and I didn't feel ready to accept anybody's help. After a bit of nagging, I eventually dialled the number. This lovely soft voice on the other end said "Hi, I've been speaking to your friend and he has explained what has happened to your husband. My husband was also falsely accused and I know exactly every emotion you are going through". The relief at that point was incredible, somebody understood and empathised with the emotions I was going through. We spent the next hour on the phone and in between the floods of tears, her words of support, advice and encouragement gave me the strength to keep going and our now friendship has continued to keep me going every day.

I now nickname her My Guardian Angel but to be honest, she is. I know there is someone out there who will pick me up when I feel down and will be able to show me the way through the maze of emotions, even I didn't know I was going to feel. The difference and significance with my Guardian Angel was she knew how much I would be crying and when I would feel at my lowest and she continues to have a sixth sense to ring me at just the right moment. She always says it is because she is re-living every stage and emotion she went through.

All I can say to my Guardian Angel is, you know who you are and THANK YOU x

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