Day 2 Debrief

2am in the morning and we are still up going through everything that Harry can remember from the live evidence given by the accuser the previous day. After several hours of me questioning him on everything he can remember, we were both exhausted. The first couple of hours was a blind rant and an opportunity for him to get the frustration of the day off his chest. He was enraged at all the things he said she got wrong, descriptions of locations, layout of buildings, how her descriptions of relationships and personalities of key persons in the events were so far from the truth. As he ranted, I wrote everything down.

After the dust settled, I started to compile a list for our barrister. Whilst I appreciated that the accuser had finished her evidence and therefore there was nothing we could do about asking her any further, I was hoping it might be useful for the barrister to challenge the prosecution witnesses or to put the questions to Harry so that it could be demonstrated she was lying. As Harry started to get tired and stop ranting, it started to dawn that actually there was no way of proving whether he was describing the items on the list correctly or she was. As he started to question ‘What if the jury think she is describing it correctly? Why would the jury chose to believe me?’ As tiredness was starting to kick in, I just replied, 'all you can do is tell the truth and the jury will see through her lies. Don’t forget we also have all of your witnesses and some of these points will be put to them'.

I then reminded him that the barrister had told me she had confirmed, when questioned on the stand, that she had completed compensation forms with the police weeks before the trial and surely the jury would see that this accusation was fuelled by the ability to claim tens of thousands of pounds of compensation. I appreciate that the average person doesn’t appreciate the scale of the compensation available and therefore it probably wouldn’t have the same impact as I was trying to portray to Harry but by the small hours of the morning, I was trying everything to keep him positive.

As he tossed and turned in bed, I dropped off like a light and woke to find him already up and dressed. I asked if he had remembered anything else he wanted me to add to the list before I went to the office to get it printed off. I think he was just focused on coping with day 3.

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