Day 2

Preparing for court and going through security again didn’t get any easier on the 2nd day. As I tightly held my husbands hand on the way to the court, I drew ‘I love you’ on the back of his hand as we stood in the security queue. He looked at me with a wry smile and tears in his eyes. I squeezed his hand as I let go to walk through the scanner.

Day 2 didn’t start until 10.30am as the judge wanted a late start. It started with playing the jury the video of the two police interviews with the accuser. This took until after lunch. I sat all morning on my own in the empty corridor, changing one metal seat for another hoping to find one slightly more comfortable than the last. I constantly stared on the court room door, as I could see the jury through the glass window. I knew when they got up that Harry might be coming out for a break. I was always conscious of what this was doing to his health and therefore was relieved when I saw them give him a break.

Just before lunch, I overheard a conversation further down the corridor, I couldn’t see them but I heard every word. It was the police officer talking to the accuser. Whilst I instantly knew this was her, he said her name and my heart sank. She was here, she was in the building. I went into a panic, as the emotions of anger swept over me. Should I move, should I go outside? Absolutely no, I am not prepared to leave the door I knew Harry would soon come out of. How was Harry going to feel when he saw her? I had no way of warning him she was here. I realise now this was silly, as he had already been listening to her on the video and knew her live evidence was next on the batting list. He therefore knew she was going to be here.

As she walked passed me with obviously no idea who I was, I thought I was going to be sick. I kept thinking I don’t want to know what she looks like but then as she got closer I found myself staring at her. Her declared history of drug abuse was evident in her appearance. As her friend stood next to her, they stood outside the court door chatting away. I was angry that they were happily chatting away whilst they were putting Harry through hell, evidently no regard for what they were doing to him.

Someone came and told her she wouldn’t be on till after lunch, so her and her friend agreed to go for a ‘fag’ and come back later. As I sat there I was finding it difficult to come to terms with the fact that this woman who had only been a name for the last 2 years but had been a massive part of every day of my life for tthat time was now an actual person. A person who I now knew what colour hair she had, how small in height she was and actually this woman who had had so much power over me for the last 2 years, wasn’t actually that powerful in appearance.

In the afternoon, she gave her evidence, being cross examined by defence and prosecution. During the afternoon break, our barrister came out and I asked how it was going. She said, she is a difficult witness and at the minute, she just keeps saying no or yes or I can’t remember. I had no answer to this but I assumed this would mean the jury would see that she doesn’t have a confident recollection of the events she is accusing him of. Surely they would see she was lying? I haven’t been a victim of abuse but after reading other peoples experiences, anyone who has actually been abused has a clear recollection of the events that took place. The worried expression on the face of the barrister concerned me though and as I continued to question her, I realised it isn’t as clear cut as that.

There was only one live prosecution witness and later on in the afternoon the court official was shouting their name to attend court. Nobody came towards the door. The official shouted again but still no response. Their name was then broadcasted across the loud speaker in the court but still no answer. 10 minutes later and I saw the jury getting up. What was happening?! Harry then came out and said her witness hasn’t turned up and therefore they were sending out a court order to get them person to court the next day and we could go home. I cynically thought another early day would no doubt keep the judge on side.

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