Batting Order

For anyone who hasn't been through the ordeal of a trial, the trial is run with a batting order:

  • Swearing in Jury

  • Opening of case

  • Start of prosecution case

  • Video of police interview of accuser

  • Live evidence of accuser

  • Prosecution witnesses

  • End of prosecution case

  • Start of defence case

  • Live evidence of defendant

  • Defence witnesses

  • Closing statements and judge summary

  • Deliberations

We were originally told our trial was scheduled for a week, however a week before the trial we were told to expect up to 10 days. To be honest they didn't really know how long it would take, as it depends on numerous factors which are often unpredictable and it is difficult to guess how long each section would take.

We couldn't even tell our witnesses exactly which day we needed them, we just had to have them on stand by for a day towards the end of week one.

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