Whilst I have covered the key events up to the Crown Court Preliminary Hearing over a handful of blogs, please note this was 11 months of incredible stress, disbelief, fear and uncertainty. To date we had had no real guidance what information the defence team were looking for and therefore I was still guessing what the barrister may want/need in response to the allegations. Also at this stage, 11 months later and with Crown Court looming, we still hadn't had sight of the girls transcript from the police interview and therefore we were still trying to pull information together based on Harry's memory of the questions put to him in the police interview.

The Preliminary Hearing at the Crown Court was scheduled for Monday and on the Thursday before, I receive the following email from the solicitor at 16.39pm:

"What I would like Harry to do over tonight and tomorrow is put the “timeline” into a story like statement. As written by him which covers all places of residence, employment and relationships and what he has to say about each allegation in his own words. The best way to describe it would be a diary. This is required by tomorrow in preparation for the Court hearing Monday"

Panic ensued.

I read the email after the solicitor had finished for the night and therefore the evening was a frantic panic trying to guess what was actually required and working to the small hours trying to pull something together. My thoughts in husband is in Crown Court on Monday, the barrister is now relying on me to produce something meaningful for tomorrow, I still do not have sight of the actual detail relating to the allegations, where do I start....where do I start....

As the prospect of Monday was looming, Harry was not really coherent in his thinking to be pulling together such a vital document. I say vital but what was the hearing on Monday, how vital was this document, how much detail needed to be included, what format did it need to be in??? I ploughed on trying to collate what we had up to now and only interupting Harry's silence to verify specific items.

I went to bed around 3am knowing I had to be back up at 6am.....note to self.....I need a different solicitor...

The following week the barrister agreed that this email had caused unnecessary consternation to both of us, the solicitor had been asked well in advance of the Preliminary Hearing to obtain this information. A different solicitor was arranged to pick up our case file.

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