Rolf Harris

As the trial of Rolf Harris was happening at this time, I followed the case closely, mainly to understand the legal process and defence response to the indictments. However, this was the first time that I witnessed the challenges faced by men on trial for historic sexual offences. Whilst, I didn't attend court and only read what the media was feeding me, throughout the trial of Rolf Harris, I was unable to find any 'evidence' that he would be convicted on. Every day I read article after article from the trial and even though the media was sensationalising his guilt, I continued to read through this and still couldn't find any actual evidence. By the time the jury went to deliberate, I was convinced they wouldn't have any evidence to actually convict him.

The day Rolf Harris was convicted, I was as shocked as the rest of the nation, however I was more stunned that he had been convicted with no evidence. The realisation of what had just happened to Rolf Harris, knocked me backwards. As I got home from work that night and Harry asked me if I had seen the news about Rolf, I said "yes, don't worry his case is probably completely different to yours, they may have had evidence that we just don't hear about in the media". My attempt to protect his feelings whilst I actually felt physically sick, was the point when I knew we had to try to find some evidence rather than just his word against hers but where the hell do you start...

A very compelling, yet scary review of the counts of Rolf Harris' conviction and whether his guilt was beyond reasonable doubt can be read here

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