6 months after Harry was originally interviewed, I remember getting the email from the solicitor confirming that the case file was to be submitted to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) for review.

I immediately rang Harry to tell him and whilst we were both nervous of what was going to happen, he knew he hadn't done anything wrong and the only 'evidence' they had was her word against his and witness statements from 20 years after the alleged time that were all very similar. We kept saying how could the CPS progress this when there is no 'evidence' and also the British legal system is surely that you are innocent until proven guilty.

Almost another month later, when we kept thinking surely no news is good news, I got an email from the solicitor asking for Harry to ring him. I did this immediately and then sat there staring at my phone wishing Harry to ring me back and confirm the nightmare was over.

Those 20 minutes felt like hours. I remember constantly pressing my phone making sure I hadn't missed his call. When the phone rang and his name started flashing at me, I answered saying "are you ok?" He then took a deep breath and said he had to go to the police station again next week and the CPS had decided to charge him. As my anger then kicked in and I proceeded to fire a million questions at him, 'charge you with what?', 'what evidence have they got?', 'are you going to be able to come home or will then take you to prison?', as the phone stayed quiet the other end, I realised he didn't have any of the answers and really my questions were pointless at this stage.

The rollercoaster had started to do a full loop and whilst we both wanted to get off, we knew this was now starting to get serious, the rollercoaster was on full steam ahead to a place we had no idea where it was going to end.

I can clearly remember getting home that day to a man that looked physically sick and lost all at the same time. He honestly had no idea what was happening to him or why. I think that day was one of the biggest hugs I have ever given him and I remember it took me a while to get him to let go.

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