Hanging from the cliff....

Following the first interview with the police, Harry was told to report back to the police station in 4 months time. No information was provided as to why, what for, should he bring legal advice etc...

The week running up to this meeting, I was constantly emailing the solicitor trying to find out what Harry should be expected to face when he got there. No response from the solicitor. So 2 days before, I rang the solicitors reception to find out whether he was on holiday or off sick. I was told, yes he is at work and that they would ask him to respond to my email. The following day, the day before he was due to go back to the police station, I got an email saying he would be re-interviewed by the police on that day and that the solicitor would meet Harry at the police station at the agreed time. I appreciate that to them it is just another case file, but the stress of the last 4 months was horrendous and when you know you haven't done anything but keep hearing all this news coverage on famous people getting prosecuted for historic offences, both Harry and I felt like we were hanging off the edge of a cliff.

After 4 months of having this churning around in his head and still no wiser why these accusations were being made, he had another sleepless night. To be honest by this stage, I can't remember the last time he was actually in bed when I woke up or when he had managed to sleep more than a few hours.

He attended the police station as agreed, only to be interviewed again and shown witness statements from her family saying she told them 20 years after the alleged events were supposed to have taken place. There was nothing Harry could say in response to them so he wasn't there long and was rebailed until a later date.

That night he was replaying what he could remember from the police interview and illustrating that all the statements were 20 years later and basically all said the same thing. He joked that they had probably gone down the pub to get them lined up. One of the names on the statements was for a person who had died many years previously. When Harry said "he's dead", the interviewing officer just flicked through his paperwork and said "oh I must have got that wrong". Harry asked the police why they weren't taking statements from people who were around at that time and they didn't answer him.

This then lead to more months of waiting, uncertainty and disbelief at what was happening.....

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