Computer illiterate

As previously mentioned, we have no computers at home and whilst I have tried leading the old work horse to water, he has never been interested in computers, the internet, or any technology. I did manage to prise his favourite Nokia from his tightly gripped fingers and replace it with an iphone but even now he doesn't realise it did more than ring or text.

Anything internet based was left to me - booking holidays, hotels, amazon, ebay or emailing friends etc. So when the solicitors asked for an email address, Harry laughed and looked at me. As a recognised control freak, I was quite happy with this. Harry signed documents to give me authority to receive all of the paperwork and to liaise directly with the solicitor or barrister.

Whilst I initially sat happy in the thought that I was in control, what I hadn't initially appreciated, was that I had just got shoved in next to my husband on the front seat of the biggest rollercoaster of our lives.

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