Counting stars

That night it was impossible to sleep as we both lay there staring at the stars, the events of the day troubling both of us. I had hundreds of questions but the silence was deafening and I didn't want to add to his pressure by bombarding him with questions.

As I tried to introduce the subject by continuing to moan about the damage caused to our bedroom furniture by the police, he refused to be dragged into the conversation. The room was pitch black and whilst he continued to not respond to my attempts at light conversation, I knew he was as wide awake as I was. The experience of being interviewed had evidently shocked him and the whole day was obviously traumatic for him.

The following day I did start asking him questions. In the afternoon he told me what he could remember from the questions posed in the interview and after several hours of talking, what was evident was how much he was struggling with remembering details from all those years ago and how many times he said "the places weren't how they were describing" or "I just wasn't there when they are suggesting I was".

I remember saying to him "You've told the truth as best you can remember and you have fully co-operated with the police, it is their job to investigate crime and find the truth". I now realise how naive this statement was. We both genuinely believed that as law abiding citizens, you respect the job the police do and the legal system is that you are innocent until proven guilty. At this stage, we therefore believed he had done the right thing, co-operating with the police. We now realise that actually the police do not have to find any evidence to convict historical sexual cases and actually will use the version of events that you give them to make the conviction fit.

My husband is my soul mate and in the last 17 years I have witnessed a kind and generous man who would do anything for anyone. I have witnessed him being a lovely, fun and kind grandad with all of his grandchildren and with all our friends and family's children, I have never witnessed anything other than kindness. The man that social services and the police were suggesting he was, was absolutely not my husband.

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