And so it begins.

You just have to get on with it…

Well I have never read a blog, let alone set about writing my own. As an incredibly private person who daily succeeds in convincing the outside world she is strong and able to cope with whatever life throws at her, I have found - and still am finding - it very difficult to put my fingers on the keyboard, knowing that not only my family and friends but also complete strangers are going to know that even I have found this whole situation horrendously difficult, testing my strength of character to the core.

I have questioned many times, why am I writing this blog? The opening up of inner thoughts, feelings and experiences pushes against every response in my body to maintain my privacy and strong outer exterior. However, if by writing this blog it helps even one other wife or husband to realise that they are not alone and the experiences and feelings they are encountering are normal, then going up against my own fears and character will be worth it. I do truly hope this helps someone. Having already written my epitaph as “you just have to get on with it”, I decided I had to live by my motto.​

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