My partner is currently serving 6 years for historic indecent assault.  His accusers were his 2 stepdaughters.  During the trial the accusers and their mother (his ex-wife) made him sound like an uncaring bully.  They reeled off tales of domestic abuse as well as the charges.


His son from this marriage, who has lived with him for a number of years, tells a different story.  As does the flaws in their statements and medical evidence delivered by the defence.  Unfortunately though the jury believed their lies and stories over the truth that my partner told.


My partner is a caring and loving dad.  He supported his ex-wife and her children for 19 years as well as being a great dad to their son.  The allegations were made during a bitter divorce.  The abuse is alleged to have taken place over the course of 3 years over 10 years ago so there was no evidence just their statements.  Their word against his.


My partner is a hardworking, kind and private man.  Our relationship is very strong and it will continue to grow all be it not in the way we planned for the next few years.  It's a shame so many couples and familes lives are torn apart by cases like my partner's.


Innocent men accused and in prison when they should be with their families and loved ones.