Aims of website?

Until 2 years ago, my husband and I believed in British justice.  We assumed that the fundamental principle of justice - innocent until proven guilty - was enshrined in British Law, but how wrong were we.


Following allegations against my husband of sexual abuse 40 years ago, a process started that right at the beginning, assumed he was guilty and the accuser was telling the truth.  As in so many cases we have since discovered, there was no actual evidence, just her word against his.  She did not have to convince the police and the CPS there were sufficient grounds for a trial, he had to convince them there were not.  And without substantive evidence of his own to refute her allegations, the case went to court.


We assumed that a jury, at least, would see that there was no evidence and return the right verdict.  But they too seemed to have been caught up in the post-Savile hysteria and against all predictions, he was found guilty.  A good man who has never harmed anyone and who has only ever thought of others, locked up and under constant pressure to now admit guilt to get access to privileges and reduce time.


The more we look, the more we find he is not alone.  Case after case, injustice after injustice.  We struggle to understand why this is not more widely publicised and why it is not recognised by our politicians.


We have therefore set up this website, not to try and fight the case of one man, but to try and change the system.  To help those affected like us and to raise awareness of the plight of all those innocent men in prison due to false allegations.


We also recognise that every false accusation of sexual assault undermines a real victim having the strength to come forward.  False accusers need to be stopped for the legal system to focus on the real criminals.




What do we hope to achieve with site?  

  • To raise awareness of the scale of the problem with public and media.

  • To provide a source of information for others in a similar situation.

  • To provide a point of contact for people to tell their stories.

  • To create a more coordinated lobby group on behalf of victims of false accusations of historic sex assault.