Relevant websites

The websites below are ones we have found that relate to false accusations and the conviction of innocent people. Please email us with any other sites that might be relevant.


Falsely Accused Websites:     FASO is a voluntary organisation that offers clear information, practical advice, and emotional support to anyone affected by false allegation of abuse   Website to offer help and support to anyone who has been falsely accused of abuse of a sexual nature    was set up in 2014 by people who had been close to the victim of a malicious allegation of rape.   Campaigning for changes in the British Legal System to better protect victims of false allegations and wrongful convictions.     Falsely Accused Carers and Teachers  Helping people battle against injustice   A group who has had enough of the Yewtree nonsense    UK forum discussing false allegations of rape and other sexual offences   People Appealing Convictions of Sexual Offences



Support to people who have been convicted:      Supports and campaigns for innocent people in prison   Working together against injustice     Miscarriage of Justice UK. Campaigns to free unjustly convicted prisoners