Harry Jones

Convicted: Yes

Sentence: 10 years

Age when convicted: 63 years old

Dates/years of offences: 1969 - 1980

Offences: 14 charges convicted 1 charge acquitted

Continuing to maintain innocence in prison: Yes

No. of accusers: 1

Appealing: Yes 


My husband for the last 17 years, Harry Jones was falsely accused by one woman of historic sexual assault, some of the acts she alleged supposedly occurring when the accuser was 3 years old nearly 50 years ago.  The woman couldn’t 'remember' when most of the ‘acts’ took place and instead the counts charged were during, in some cases, at a non specific time in a 2 year period.  My husband confirming during interview where he was working or living at a certain period, we now realise, was made to fit to the account that she gave.  No investigation was done by the police in as far as speaking to any persons who were involved with my husband during this period and instead it was put forward to the CPS with only her allegations and her family's witness statements confirming she told them it happened around 30 years after the alleged period.

I strongly believe my husband was viewed by the police, CPS and jury as guilty until he could prove his innocence.  Where he was able to prove his innocence, he was acquitted, however where the only available evidence was recollections of memory or one persons word against another, from decades ago, the strength of the portrayal of the ‘victim’ tipped the scale towards convicting him.




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