Were you charged? Yes

How long were you on police bail? Arrested June sentenced following May

Did it go to trial?  Dealt with at Magistrates with a judge

Pleaded not guilty at trial?  Yes

Convicted: Yes (2016)

Sentence: 6 months

Age when convicted: 25 years old

Dates/years of offences: June 2015

Offences: sexual assault by massaging her and pulling her head towards his private area

Continuing to maintain innocence in prison: Yes

No. of accusers: 1

Appealing: Yes 


Charged with sexual assault, her word against his, no other evidence.

She already had her caseworker sacked and received £10,000 compensation previously for same thing.

She has been accusing people since a teenage, now she is in her forties.  Which has included her own uncle, step-dad, and other random people.  Each time she has also been given a house move which she wanted.

She doesn't want the appeal at Crown Court to go ahead as stated on day of him being sentenced.  Also first thing asked for was compensation which wasn't granted from him but she can now apply to Criminal Injuries Board.

Judge wouldn't allow her previous to be heard as said not relevant.  How can someone be allowed to continuously accuse people of same thing? He states all he did was push himself up off her settee by touching her knee.  She advised she was unable to leave home due to being so traumatised.  Yet there are plenty of photographs of her out drinking enjoying herself next evening it had apparently happened.