Harry Steel

Were you charged? Yes

Did it go to trial?  Yes

Pleaded not guilty at trial?  Yes

Convicted: Yes (2015)

Sentence: 7 years

Age when convicted: 40 years old

Offences: 3 (convicted 2, acquitted 1)

Continuing to maintain innocence in prison: Yes

No. of accusers: 1


Another case where there is no evidence WHAT SO EVER and it was JUST HER WORD AGAINST HIS.  This accuser has done it before in 2013 and received compensation, it was said in court that she had done it before but even though the jury knew that it didn't make any difference. She knew what she was doing from the start after all it wasn't the 1st time, she knew how easy it was. The case was a complete farse I didn't expect him going to prison with no evidence at all just goes to show how messed up our system is and how scary that this can happen to anyone at anytime.