Elsie's story

15 months ago my husband of 32 years was wrongly convicted of HSA. He was falsely accused of HSA, by a teenager, looking for attention from her parents. There was no corroborative evidence whatsoever. This abuse did not happen, I know, because I was present. From day one, he was treated as GUILTY. The culture of “You will be believed” was used by the Police and CPS.


A video interview was created by Social Services (SS) and Police, of a distressed teenager, not in any fit state to undertake such an interview.  This was made for the sole intention of using as evidence in a court of law.  The accuser did not speak, the police wrote words on a blackboard and she nodded. My husband was arrested, taken to police station and put in a freezing cold cell for 3 hours. The police contacted a duty solicitor, then he was grilled by 2 officers, he was told that he had raped a young girl, twice, in one night, when she had stayed over at our house, 11 years ago. His son in one bedroom, her sister in another bedroom and me in our bedroom.  This was outrageous. We all know that this did not take place.


My husband is a decent, kind, honest, hard working, family man. He was horrified by the charges. The Police did not interview any of us. We were Key Witnesses. When police were questioned by Professional Standards later they stated they were directed by CPS and CPS did not require me or my stepson to be interviewed.They also stated that DC involved, decided that accuser’s sister was not well enough to be interviewed. She was a key witness too. The police have a duty of care to conduct a thorough, fair & impartial investigation.This was a witch hunt. All they wanted was a conviction. 


At trial they decided what the jury should know.  After this jury had seen the video, they would not look my husband in the eye. They had already decided the verdict. He didn't stand a chance. We had been allocated an LA solicitor, who we now know, did as little as possible. He did not even attend crown court. At that time we believed in the Justice System. We knew that this abuse did not happen, we actually believed that it would be impossible for a jury to reach a guilty verdict on a non existent crime.


This was the word of a distressed teenager influenced by her parents (parents that have a deep seated grudge against my husband, which was work related. A jealous family who wanted our lifestyle. One that we had worked for all our lives). It was obvious to all, except us, that my husband was going to be convicted. The police and CPS knew exactly what they were doing. Me, my family, friends and their families will NEVER trust the Police again. The first time we ever needed them to protect us, they destroyed us. The trial was a farce. They got their conviction. My Innocent husband was taken to prison.  We were all left in TOTAL shock. Defence barrister said “The system has let you down” There was no help for any of us. 


Our family has been torn apart by a teenager’s lie which was encouraged by the SS & Police. She alleged she had flashbacks of abuse from 11 years ago. There was not one shred of credible evidence. It took just 3 days to destroy the life of an innocent, good living man. Not a shred of EVIDENCE was required. Grandparents, parents, children, grandchildren, all of us severely traumatised. A week later he was brought back to court dressed as a TRAMP, to be sentenced to 15 years. Granddad and Dad was dragged away from his loving family. He has worked hard all of his life to support us. He has made us the people we are. He is Innocent. Just a story from a teenager, trying to get attention from her parents. The consequences are immeasurable and life threatening.


I now travel 375 miles return journey to visit my wonderful husband every week. I have followed all the legal appeal procedures and have been told I must find fresh evidence. Can anyone please tell me how I find fresh evidence for a crime that did not happen 11 years ago? This false allegation has destroyed our life. It has stolen his grandchildren’s childhood, this is the real child abuse. He has 3 children and 4 Grandchildren. What about their rights? We are the true VICTIMS in this case. I have written to MP’s, Prime Minister, Secretary of State, Minister of Justice only to have been sent what I now discover is a SET LETTER. THIS IS PROOF THAT THIS IS HAPPENING TO 000’s OF FAMILIES. What is this country doing to help us? Recently the police have admitted they are influenced by the media mob. So are the juries. These trials are witch hunts. Trials are unfair.


ECHR Article 6 everyone is entitled to a fair trial. So many wrongful convictions & no accountability.  Due process matters….