Daniel Farrell

Were you charged? Yes

How long were you on police bail? 1 year

Did it go to trial?  Yes

Pleaded not guilty at trial?  Yes

Convicted: Yes (2015)

Sentence: 6 years

Age when convicted: 29 years old


Continuing to maintain innocence in prison: Yes

No. of accusers: 1


My innocent son was sent to prison on word of mouth, the police changed dates as my son worked away alot, they also were not interested in the truth, they fitted it all round for him to be convicted.  His defence council might as well have sat with the prosecution in all of it as well.  All my poor son is, is a number and promotion for those involved.  So many inconsistencies at trial, the judge going over and over the alleged offences so they were drilled into the jury from the very first day.  In this country you are guilty as soon as the person goes to the police about you, you don't stand a chance especially if the accuser has been coached.