Relevant articles

The websites below are ones we have found that relate to false accusations and the conviction of innocent people. Please email us with any other sites that might be relevant.


Other peoples experiences

Stephen Hamilton - Anna Raccoon 22/08/2016 and Stephen's website 

Alex Di Francesco cleared - Evening Standard 02/08/2016

David Bryant aquitted at Court of Appeal - Telegraph 20/07/2016 and Daily Mail 25/07/2016

A Fleeting Freedom Neil Bantleman - Video 21/06/2016

We are surviving victims of a false accuser and wrongful conviction – The public speak Linda C Inside Times 02/06/2016

We are surviving victims of a false accuser and wrongful conviction - Linda C Inside Times 01/04/2016

Social worker praised for evidence in case of false sexual abuse allegations - Community Care 06/05/2016

Malicious' stepmum bullied girl of five into accusing her natural mother of sexual abuse - Daily Mail 06/05/2016
Woman’s Fitbit revealed that she ‘lied about being raped’ - Metro 20/04/2016
Denis and Aideen Jones - Wales Online 01/04/2016

Sister Frances Dominica - Church News 12/02/2016 and Guardian 02/04/2016

Teacher posed as teenager to falsely accuse head teacher - Telegraph 27/11/2015

Robinson V Furlong: A Case Study in Witch-Hunting - Barbara Hewson (barrister) - Spiked 19/11/2015

Roy Harper - Hats off to Roy - Anna Raccoon 10/11/2015

What its like to be falsely accused of rape - Telegraph 26/03/2015

Prince Philips Equerry - life destroyed by sexual abuse lies - Daily Mail 14/07/2015

Wrongly accused of being a paedophile - Independent 17/07/2015

My friend Tom - Inside Time 31/07/2015

Rolf Harris Beyond Reasonable Doubt? - Libertarian View 03/07/2014

Nigel Evans - The Spectator 17/09/2015

Jimmy Tarbuck breaks down - The Standard 21/09/2015

Noel Hartnett's swim against the tide - Justice Gap

Review of Paul Gambaccini book by Simon Warr - Justice Gap 27/10/15

Cab driver falsely accused of rape saved by his phone app - Telegraph 04/07/2013


Articles on failing of legal procedure

The shocking case of David Bryant reveals the fallacy that we can always spot a liar - Barrister Blogger 21/07/2016

Are convictions in historic sex abuse cases reliable? - Transform Justice 24/07/2016

The Criminal Justice System is broken, and no-one seems to care - The Secret Barrister 27/05/2016

Hard for men charged with rape to get a fair trial - Barbara Hewson Mail Online 14/04/2016

Its not for the police to decide a case - Mark Newby Justice Gap 11/02/2016

'Believe the victim' this is bigger than Bernard - Spiked Online 11/02/2016 

Is Great British Justice Sinking? - Inside Times 31/01/2016

Rotton Apple at the top of the Met Police - Paul Gambaccini  Independent 30/01/2016

Should we be prosecuting historic offences - Justice Gap 23/01/2016

The rise of false allegations - Chris Saltese Oct 2015

Dangerous Convictions - Chris Saltese Oct 2015

Statute of Limitation - UK? - Opinion Site 30/11/2015

Defending and appealing historic cases - Inside Time 30/11/2015

Miscarriage of justice? More innocent people being jailed. Guardian's Eric Allison 26/11/2015   

Roy Harper is acquitted but where is justice in this?  Ophers World  09/11/2015

Should we always prosecute people who make false allegations?  Barristerblog 03/11/2015

Can’t find an appeal lawyer? Blame the MoJ: Justice Gap 29/10/2015

A shaking of belief: Impartial investigations: Police Foundation 02/10/2015

Historical abuse: Witch hunt, scape goat, moral panic? - OU Criminology 05/10/2015

Should victims be believed from the outset? BBC 23/09/2015

Why it is so Easy to Prosecute Sex Offences - Inside Time 31/07/2015

The Court of Appeal remains at heart of wrongful convictions - Justice Gap 

Representing Innocence - Centre for Criminal Appeals 16/07/2015

Should Britain Have Statute of Limitations on Sex Crimes - Opinion

Justice Committee calls for review on Conviction Cases - Jordans 25/03/2015

A Court of Appeal view on limitation in abuse claims - REvGE Courtof Appeal 27 March 2015

Is CPS on brink of collapse?  BBC 15/09/2015

Here comes the Mail - King of Hits 29/08/2015

Justice Committee Inquiry into the CCRC - Inside Justice 30/01/2015

UK Prosecution of Historic Sex Crimes is Cause for Concern - Stefi's Blog 10/01/2015

Disappearing within the system - Justice Gap

Innocence Making History - Justice Gap

Something good has to come of this - Justice Gap

Guilty until proven innocent: Inside Time 17/12/2014

Presumed Guilty Briefing Sheet - FACT

Overturning miscarriages of justice - Open Democracy 28/10/2014

Restoring the presumption of innocence - Ohio Law Journal

The craft of judging and legal reasoning - Courts and Tribunals

Guilty until proven innocent - Alex Cavendish

No justice system for old men - Spiked Online 23/07/2103

The moral lynching of Barbara Hewson - Spiked Online 13/05/2013

Yewtree is destroying the rule of law - Barbara Hewson Spiked Online 08/05/2013

Charging perverting the course of justice after false allegations - CPS report March 2013



Lord Bramall, false accusers must be puniched - Daily Mail 18/01/2016

Witch hunts are real - Inside Time 30/11/2015

Child abuse statistics do not stack up - Spectator 28/11/2015

'Guilty until proven innocent': life after a false rape accusation - Telegraph 28/10/2015

Innocent man arrested after Tom Watson got involved - Telegraph 23/10/2015

British rape laws need urgent reform to prevent injustice - Telegraph 06/10/2015

Exaro digging ever deeper - Annaraccoon 10/2015

Operation Midland: Treating Fiction as Fact - Spiked 28/09/2015

Ted Heath - Guardian 09/08/2015

Ted Heath Witch Hunt - Telegraph 05/08/2015

Police child abuse investigations undermining justice - Telegraph 18/09/2015

Harvey Proctor accusations - Guardian 26/08/2015

Sex Offenders crowding prisons - Inside Time 01/09/2015


Reliability of memory 

Legal Witch Hunt and reliability of memory - Marilyn Stowe Family Law Practice 15/01/2016

British False Memory Society -

What are false memories? - Christopher French - University of London

What causes a false memory - Kendra Cherry (

'Memories' of historic abuse leading to justice errors – BBC  29/03/2011

Childhood amnesia - Wires Cognitive Science

Evidence and Theory of Childhood Amnesia - Science Direct

Controversal counselling can cause false memory - Daily Mail 18/10/15

VIP Child Abuse Claims harmed by false memories - Daily Mail 05/10/15

False memory lane - Annaraccoon 19/10/15