Alan C

Pleaded non guilty at trial:  yes

Convicted: Yes

Year of conviction: 2014

Sentence:15 yrs

Age when convicted: 62

Dates/years of offences: any time between July 2004/July 2005

Offences: 3  HCSA

Continuing to maintain innocence in prison: Yes

No. of accusers: 1

Appealing: almost completed application to CCRC


My husband has been convicted of a crime that did not happen 11 years ago.  I know this did not happen, as I was present, so was my stepson and the accuser’s sister. Police did not interview me or my stepson.  They stated that CPS did not require it. We are key witness’s yet police did not wish to interview us. Accuser’s sister was interviewed but police held that interview back, we have still not seen this!  Police told jury that accuser’s sister was too poorly to be a witness.  At no time did the accuser ever stay over at my house without her sister. The police and CPS were only interested in a conviction.  They did not conduct a fair and impartial investigation.  They witheld an important interview from a key witness and they did not interview other people that the accuser had supposedly spoken to.  We were given the on call police solicitor and legal aid and we now know they did as little as possible.  CAMHS report was given to our barrister on the morning of the trial.  None of this was challenged as we did not have time to read it or investigate it.  The barrister did not obtain any medial or school reports or specialist witness’s to prove the accused was lying.  The barrister stated THE SYSTEM LET YOU DOWN!!!  Then left us to rot.  He took his money from legal aid though.  I was threatened & bullied by Rossendales debt collectors working for legal aid, to pay this £7000 asap otherwise they would put a charge on my property. This was a stitch up from start to finish.  So much incompetance. A devoted, hard working family man has been stolen from his family without a care for the lifelong consequences.  4 young children have had their devoted Grandad stolen, 3 Children have had their wonderful Dad stolen, a man who has worked hard and provided for them all, all of his life and I have had my amazing husband and best friend taken away from me.  Our whole family is now in trauma. We have worked and saved all of our life to protect and provide for our family.  The first time we ever needed the police to protect us they destroyed us. We didnt count!!!