Thousands of men have been convicted in the UK of historic sexual assault, often on the basis of a single accuser without any corroborating evidence. Many of these are known to be based on false allegations with innocent men locked up inside a legal system that now considers someone guilty until proven to be innocent


This has happened to my husband who is now living the hell of the British prison system as an innocent man. Our lives have changed forever but I can hopefully convey some of this nightmare in my BLOG

This website is designed to help those who suffer from these terrible miscarriages of justice and to publicise the dreadful shortcomings of the British Justice System. This is in no way trying to diminish the dreadful impact of sexual abuse. Genuine claims of HSA MUST be investigated and perpetrators locked up. But as recent publicity has shown, the police position that any claim of HSA must be believed has led to an explosion of opportunism.


Anybody can be the victim of a false accusation of historic sexual assault.  False accusations can be motivated by compensation, spite, attention or in response to false memory syndrome. False accusations cause immeasurable pain to the accused and their families and undermines the response to real victims of childhood sexual abuse.


We want the justice system to change. To go back to the basic principle of innocent until PROVEN guilty. To give those accused the same rights as the accusers - anonymity, respect and belief - until the police have genuine corroborated evidence. To get the police and the CPS to do their job. And for the system to enable miscarriages of justice to be more easily rectified. We hope that by gathering case studies, we can give those who have the power to change the system an insight into the scale of wrongful HSA convictions based on false accusations and use this to strengthen our lobbying position for justice

Please note. We are not a direct support organisation and are therefore not in a position to provide personal assistance.

We are not lawyers and cannot provide legal advice. Any guidance on this site is therefore based purely on our own personal experiences and information we have picked up. We therefore cannot accept any liability for any information you use from this site.

If you believe that anything on this site is factually incorrect or misleading, we would welcome your comments.

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